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        Surface-Laptop 5 in Platinum with an Alcantara fabric keyboard

        Surface Laptop 5

        Sleek portability and multitasking speed powered by 12th Gen Intel? Core, with Windows 11.

        Surface Studio 2 Plus all-in-one desktop

        Surface Studio 2+

        The most versatile all-in-one device that gives you a large canvas to express yourself at any angle.

        Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles with two Xbox Wireless Controllers

        Power your dreams

        Experience a new era in next-gen performance with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

        Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 customized with Design Lab.

        Xbox Elite, your way

        Endless customization options from Xbox Design Lab make it easy to create a personalized Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 for yourself or the gamer on your list.

        PC Game pass logo

        PC Game Pass

        Unwrap 100+ great games and EA Play, plus get your first month for $1. Offer available to new subscribers only.

        For business

        An angled view of Surface Pro 9 for Business.

        Surface Pro 9 for Business

        Empower flexible, all-day impact with tablet portability and laptop performance.

        Microsoft Teams on a tablet.

        Get Microsoft Teams for free

        Online meetings, chat, and shared cloud storage—all in one place.

        A woman at home accessing Windows 365 Cloud services

        Welcome to your Windows 365 Cloud PC

        Securely stream your Windows experience from the Microsoft cloud to any device.

        Thrive in a hybrid world

        Discover tools, resources, and strategies to help your employees succeed in the new world of flexible work.

        Follow Microsoft